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Host A #BakeForSYRIA Bake Sale

Create something sweet to support the children of Syria with top tips from the team at Unicef UK


Inspired by the global #CookForSYRIA movement, #BakeForSYRIA started as a bake sale serving sweet treats from the award-winning #CookForSYRIA recipe book.

Now we’re encouraging you to host your own bake sale to protect the children of Syrian this winter. Check out our hints and tips below to make your #BakeForSYRIA bake sale a roaring success.


Organising a #BakeForSYRIA bake sale is an easy and creative way to team up with your friends, family and colleagues to bake some delicious goodies and help the children of Syria secure a brighter future. To get your #BakeForSYRIA bake sale started:

Choose a date and location – Pick a high-traffic location and a busy time of day for the most success.

Recipes – Decide what you would like to bake. How about Angela Hartnett’s Olive Oil & Pistachio cake? Check out our other Syrian-inspired baking recipes from top chefs for more inspiration.

Price – Choose how to price your tasty treats and use our downloadable #BakeForSYRIA materials to perfect your presentation.

Promotion – Set up a Facebook event, share photos of baking prep with your Instagram followers, and even go the old-fashioned route and stick up some posters. Leave flyers in cafes and shops near to your bake sale location and hopefully you’ll drum up some extra customers on the day.

Keep it going – Encourage your family, friends, and followers to follow @CookForSyria and share their experience at your event using #BakeForSYRIA.

Schools #BakeForSYRIA – If you would like to set up #BakeForSYRIA at your school, check out our special ‘Schools #BakeForSYRIA’ resources on Unicef UK’s website.


Interested in raising more funds for the children of Syria? We have a menu of ways to do this.

Cuppa for a cause – Provide tea and coffee in exchange for additional donations.

Matching – are there people or companies in your community who will match the funds you raise?

Donation jar – Have a donation jar in lieu of ‘tips’ from your supporters. Talk to your customers about the cause you’re raising money for, and you may well find they stick their change in the pot rather than their pocket.


Download our #BakeForSYRIA resources to add some extra flair to your bake sale.